SEDO Programs

Programs under SEDO:

1. Research and Policy Analysis
- Research on basic requirements for firm foundation of development programs

2. Advocacy
- Advocate for high level participation of the society in the planning, implementation and monitoring of their development programs

3. Monitoring and Evaluation
- Undertake monitoring and evaluation in the implementation of development programs so as to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT concept).

4.Advise on Effective Land use and Development Projects
- Advise on effective land use and development projects and facilitate undertaking of environmental impact assessment (EIA).

5. Programs Coordination
- Coordinate operations of different development groups focusing on poverty reduction.

6. Stimulate economic activities
- Stimulate economic activities among development groups and enhance smooth flow of communication among them).

7. Other Programs
- Undertake any other activity as stipulated in the SEDO Constitution