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SEDO Profile

1. Introduction

South Eastern Development Organization (SEDO) was registered in 2005 as a non-partisan, secular and non-profit non-governmental organization to coordinate efforts to bring about development in Lindi and Mtwara regions in the south eastern part of the United Republic of Tanzania.

SEDO was founded by groups of interested southerners with common objective of bringing development at home.

 SEDO covers Lindi and Mtwara regions.
-          Lindi region include the following districts: Lindi (Urban), Lindi (Rural), Ruangwa, Nachingwea, Liwale na Kilwa.

-          Mtwara region cover the following districts: Mtwara (Urban), Mtwara (Rural), Masasi, Newala, Nanyumbu na Tandahimba.


Efforts by Government to develop infrastructure in the area, though it is done at slower pace, it poses a great challenge to the people in Lindi and Mtwara. The available resources in use or “reserved” will now be more exposed and left open for competition. Are the people in the two regions prepared for “stiff” competition we are anticipating? Have your say! Who should tell them to get prepared and in which ways? Please, play your part!

SEDO plans to promote food and cash crops as well as investment opportunities so as to increase economic activities in the area and thereby enhancing markets for cash crops grown in Lindi and Mtwara, ultimately boost incomes and reduce poverty.

2.  Areas of focus for SEDO

-          To undertake in-depth research to identify basic requirements for firm foundation of development programs

-          Advocate for high level participation of the society in the planning, implementation and monitoring of their development programs
-          Undertake monitoring and evaluation in the implementation processes so as to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT concept).

-          Advise on effective land use and development projects and facilitate undertaking of environmental impact assessment (EIA).

-          Undertake any other activity as stipulated in the SEDO constitution
-          Coordinate operations of different development groups as long as they are focusing at reducing poverty).

-          Stimulate economic activities among development groups and enhance smooth flow of communication among them).

3. Key Messages:

1.       Hivyo basi, mwananchi wa kusini mashariki fahamu kwamba ni jukumu letu kutambua wajibu wetu na kuutekeleza wajibu huo. Chukua uamuzi sahihi hivi sasa, hakuna kisichowezekana. Amua sasa! (It can be done, play your part!)

2.      Tunachotakiwa kufahamu ni kwamba, hatima ya maendeleo ya kusini mashariki ipo mikononi mwetu sisi wananchi wa kusini na watanzania wote. (Important to know is that the destiny for home development is granted in the hands of those have had and those having opportunities to influence direction of change. Please, assess your position and your contribution in sustaining the development process at home).

3.       Let us do away with traditional ways of doing things. Lindi and Mtwara need to be modernized, exposed and provided with up-to-date and useful information that will help the people in well-informed decision-making

4.      SEDO encourages creativeness and innovativeness for skill development.

5.       SEDO is committed to assist society to jointly develop strategic development plans that will guarantee sustainable development.

4. Contacts:

Geoffrey Idelphonce Katali Mwambe.  (Chairman)
Omar Vumilia Sijale.                     (Secretary General)
South Eastern Development Organization (SEDO)
S. L. P. 14292 DAR ES SALAAM
Cell: 0784 509891
       : 0755 859783